…the research of harmony

is the ability to create a relation between volumes, materials and colors

and having them in balance with each other…

Born in Varese on the 4th May 1982.

Graduated at Politecnico University of Milan in 1982.

Enrolled in the ‘Ordine degli Architetti’ (Architect's Registration Board) of Varese from 1984 with the number 624.

Expert in architectural design and restoration both in private and public environment.

Expert on topics regarding sustainable architecture, energy-saving and application of natural material in historical buildings, existing buildings and brand new projects.

His expertises have been developing through projects, site engineering, the realisation of new designs and by participating in several conventions and workshops on relevant topics.

He is a member of ‘Gruppo Italiano’ of the International Institute for Conservation (I.G.I.I.C.).

He is extremely competent on environmental issues and he is a member of different environmental committees within the area of Varese city.

The studio has over thirty years of experience in architectural design, restoration/renovation, interventions on the area and commercial exhibition design by keeping a strong focus on the identity of the client.

It is composed of different professionals between architects, designer and support staff. Often collaborating with highly skilled external professional for the design of the structural and plants field, with whom there is a strong and lasting professional relationship.

The studio disposes of the most advanced technology and IT tools to support the phase of design and site engineering both in the public and private environment. The structure of the studio is very flexible and adaptable to any professional requests and to satisfy every client.

On top of that, Luciano Maré’s studio is closely connected with international architectural offices to be able to always satisfy any possible request. The ethical code of the studio makes possible that ‘designing’ is the primary tool to achieve and accomplish every goal. This approach makes possible to create buildings and works that respect the needs of each client and, at the same time, respect the environment that surrounds them.

By having a strong experience, being always updated, being careful on how materials are evolving, knowing every practical aspect for any projects, the studio created a ‘knowledge’ on which design and creation are based on.

The goal of each project is to create buildings with high environmental quality, that can guarantee an efficient containment of energy consumption and a standard level of comfort for every season, keeping the cost of energy consumption to the minimum.

These design solutions, through the application of low environmental impact technologies and the use of renewable raw materials, can guarantee a minimum impact on the environment.

Nevertheless, there is an important focus on containing the water consumption, on recycling clean drinking water, on organizing the open space to allow the best climate solutions during the different phases of the year, therefore a correct way of disposing of all these solutions from the final users.

All these strategies and solutions listed above are running in parallel to a careful study of the balance between the costs and the benefits to be able to reach a high level of ecological and energetical quality, without significant overpricing.

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