…the research of harmony

is the ability to create a relation between volumes, materials and colors

and having them in balance with each other…

Sea lounges: the design of relaxation and beauty in Salento

The studio operates in Puglia and deals with projects for new homes, as well as renovations and extensions, generated by a careful analysis of the site and the re-interpretation of local tradition in a contemporary way.
Have you ever thought of building a prestigious villa surrounded by millenary olive trees, or of renovating a Trullo (a typical small round stone house with a conical roof)
The studio of the architect Luciano Marè offers a package that covers every phase of the architectural intervention: from helping choose the right land to its redesign, from the restoration of buildings to the management of local building practices, from construction management up to interior design.

The highest care is given to details and innovation in materials, shapes and functions that characterize our works.